Comprehensive VIP service for every Publisher
analytics & algorithms
1Exceed your revenue goals by having the best ads show on each app and region.
2YUMI automatically mediates between ad networks (FB, Admob etc.) and
programmatic demand (Exchanges & DSPs), giving you the best buyers.
3Smart algorithms leverage user portraits help attract the best performing ads
onto your inventory.
Supported ad formats
Wherever you have inventory, we have ads
Connect to 300+ top ad networks, DSPs, exchanges and direct buyers,
giving you reach to the strongest majority of worldwide demand.
Custom Tailored SDKs
1Integrate the best selection of ad networks into an mediation
enriched SDK or, where preferred, plug our demand direct into your platform.
2Get the best ad networks for your App type.
3Get the best performing buyers active in each geo.
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Powerful Reporting
Performance can be analyzed and optmized via transparent,
insightful, and visually rich reporting.
5 Steps to Easy Integration
Case Studies
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